Paper Published
R & D Reports Published
Patents Fileds
Projects Undertaken
I. Institutional projects
Mushroom cultivation and spawn production 1968-69 Member
Cultivation & genetic improvement of Lavendula spp., Mentha spp., Rosa damascena and Clarysage. 1970-72 Member
Introduction of Hops in Kashmir - Development of new varieties of Hops. 1975-78
Project Leader
Further cytomorphological studies of genus Artemisia in Kashmir. 1982-84 Project Leader
Protocol development on in vitro propagation of Hops, Artemisia and Strawberries. 1987-90 Project Leader
Introduction of strawberries as a new high value crop in Kashmir. 1988-89 Project Leader
Studies on the prospects of the cultivation of Echinacea spp. for their therapeutic value. 1996-99 Co-Investigator
Development of high alpha-acid and aroma hop varieties. 1999-02 Project Leader
Conservation & Production of selected prioritized medicinal/aromatic plants adopting conventional and biotechnological approach (Tissue culture) 2001-04 Principal Investigator
MAPs as crop models – an integrated approach 2004 Principal Investigator
Development of End-To-End Technology on Jatropa Curcus for bio-fuel proucton 2005 Principal Investigator
II. Industry sponsored projects
Title Year Role Sponsoring agency
Studies on the prospects of Matricaria chamomilla cultivation 1981 Project Leader German Remedies, Bombay
Introduction and Development of hops in new areas 1990-91 Project Leader All India Brewers Association,Bangalore
  1991-94 Project Leader State Deptt. of Horticulture, Himachal Pradesh
  1991-94 Project Leader Dewan Modern Breweries, Jammu
  1994-96 Project Leader Hindustan Lever Ltd., Calcutta (Uttranchal)
  1996-97 Project Leader State Deptt of Horticulture, Kashmir
  1999-2002 Project Leader State Deptt. of Horticulture, H.P.
Development of agrotechnology of Echinacea spp. 2000-01 Project Leader Dhawan nternational, N.Delhi
Upscaling of agrotechnology of Echinacea and Valeriana 2001-03 Project Leader Dhawan International, N.Delhi
Production technology of Hypericum perforatum 2001-03 Project Leader Nicholas Piramal India, Ltd., Mumbai
Production technology of Tinospora cordifolia 2001-03 Project Leader Nicholas Piramal India, Ltd., Mumbai
Procter & Gamble, USA 2005 Member Natural additives for baby care wipes formulations
Procter & Gamble, USA 2005 Member To develop oral care product
III. Externally funded projects
Title Year Role Sponsoring agency
Domestication of wild Dioscorea deltoidea germplasm and improving diosgenin content (Joint collaborative project between CSIR, CAR, Ford Foundation) 1968-70 Project Leader  Ford Foundation, USA
Cultivation of exotics in Ladakh for economic uplift of rural communities 1997-99 Co-Investigator Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council,
Introduction of low tech agrotechnologies of MA plants for rural uplift in Lahaul & Ladakh 2000-03 Co-Investigator Dept. of Biotechnology, GOI N.Delhi
Development of aromatic grasses in Jammu under Project STEP 2002-04 Project Leader J&K Ex-services League (NGO)
Establishment of national gene bank of Medicinal Plants of N.W.Himalaya 2002
(5 years)
Co-Investigator Dept. of Biotechnology, GOI N.Delhi
Cultivation of six medicinal plants using gas 2002-05 Co-Investigator National Medicinal Plants Board,N.Delhi
I. Presentations made-a step towards developing Linkages with the Industry
  • Organic culture of medicinal & aromatic plants in Kashmir – A Value addition concept
  • RRL Jammu towards development of medicinal and aromatic plants in tropical & subtropical areas
  • Global perspectives and futuristic trends of MAP’s and their down stream products
  • Production technology of Hypericum perforatum
  • RRL, Jammu- A technological access window to domestic and Global medicinal herbal market
  • Biodiversity Conservation and sustainable use of MAP Bioresource of NWHimalaya
  • Prospects of Indian Herbals in new millenium
  • International and national scenario of herbal drugs and RRL’s contribution
  • RRL-Jammu towards development of aromatic plants in India
  • Interactive meet on Development of Clarysage (Salvia sclarea) in Ladakh, organized, by Biodiversity & Applied Botany Group, RRL-J)
  • Attended International Conference on Intellectual Property management organized by CSIR
  • Herbal products for fatigue and skin care
  • Status on Tinospora cordifolia and Hypericum perforatum
  • Strategies and production dynamics of medicinal & aromatic plants in J&K State (high level meeting taken by Hon’ble Chief Minister- J&K State in his Office)
  • Prospects of Indian herbals – concept for business development (Presentation made at National Herb Centre, United Kingdom)
  • Market dynamics of Medicinal & Aromatic Plants
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