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  1. Bhat, B.K. and Bakshi, S.K. 1975. Prospects of hops cultivation in Kashmir valley. Presented at the National Symposium on recent advance in the development production and utilization of medicinal and aromatic plants, Lucknow Feb 24-26.
  2. Bakshi, S.K. and Jotshi, P.N. 1983 development of hops industry in Kashmir. Paper presented at first national seminar on “Cultivation, Improvement and Utilization of hops” held at RRL(Br) Srinagar on September 21-22.
  3. Bakshi, S.K. 1986. Research and development activities in hop at RRL. Paper presented n “In house discussion on production, processing and marketing of hops” held at RRL(Br) Srinagar on October 27.
  4. Bakshi, S.K., Jotshi, P.N. and Kitchlu, S. 1991. Breeding of a new aroma hops variety in Kashmir. Presented at International symposium on Newer trends in essential oil and flvaours held in RRL, Jammu on October, 21-23.
  5. Bakshi, S.K. 1993. World and Indian scenario of hops-prospects and potential. Paper presented in first national symposium on hops held at Keylong (Dist. Lahaul & Spiti) in Aug. 27-28.
  6. Bakshi, S.K. and Kitchlu, S. 1993. Dynamic of Post-harvest technology of hops. Paper presented in the first national symposium on hops held at Keylong (Dist. Lahaul & Spiti) on Aug. 27-28.
  7. Bakshi, S.K., Kitchlu, S, Dhar, P.L., Jotshi, P.N. and Kaul, B.L. 1997. Quality evaluation of improved hop variety under agroclimate of U.P. Hills. Paper presented in 21st EOAI Seminar on “Future trends in essential oil industry held on 28-29 Sept. at RRL, Jammu.
  8. Kaul, M.K. and Bakshi, S.K. Evaluation of medicinal plant biodiversity and strategies for exploiting it sustainable: case studies from high altitudes. Jointly with M.K.Kaul.
  9. (UNESCO-IDRC sponsored Regional workshop on Biodiversity, Systematics and medicinal plant conservation at NBRI, Lucknow, Sept., 3-13, 2001).
  10. Bakshi, S.K. Invited lecture on NRM interventions for cold desert Ecosystem Development, workshop organized by PRAGYA (NGO) and Deptt. of Land Resources, Ministry of Rural Development, Govt. of India at India Int. Centre.
  11. Commercial feasibility of Salvia sclarea cultivation in Ladakh (Trans Himalaya) jointly with M.K.Kaul & S.Kitchlu.
  12. Essential oil evaluation of Himalayan Origanum vulgaris L.
  13. Jointly with R.K.Thapa, S.Kitchlu M.K.Kaul, O.P.Suri, S.G. Aggarwal.
  14. Technology Dissemination in Business Development for Cymbopogons, Menthas & Ocimums in research and developments, in production, protection, quality, processing & marketing of medicinal and aromatic plants, 27-29 Feb , 2004.
  15. Weed management practices and crops-weed competition on essential oil production of CKP-25 Lemongrass.
Publications under process (review papers)
  1. Therapeutic potential of essential oils.
  2. Stevia rebaudiana – Production prospects in India.
  3. Matricaria chamomilla- Present global status.
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